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H8 H11 Canbus LED Lamp Relay Error Free No Warning

Model #: Relay Resistor H8 (  H11 )

Voltage: DC12V, DC24V

Power: 50W

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Model #: Relay Resistor H8 (  H11 )

Voltage: DC12V, DC24V

Power: 50W


MOQ: 10pcs

Payment: PayPal, Western Union, Bank transfer.

Delivery Time: 3-7 working days.

Warranty: 24 months or 12 months free warranty. 



Connect with the LED bulb to stop the hyper flashing, error warning or burnt out bulb indications, Etc.


No need to cut the wire, just connect with the bulb directly, very easy.


For the price and more bulbs, please send Email to:    or